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Our Purpose

Unicbrandz was established in early 2021 by a group of pharmacists and business specialists in management and marketing of medical and pharmaceutical supply products, as well as bringing in a significant diverse of cosmetic, personal and family care products.

Currently we aim to further study local and regional market adding international new brands to expand business horizons and cover this vital sector to fulfill future requirements for state of Kuwait and GCC countries.

Unicbrandz seeks to build unique business relationships with many health governmental and private sectors, in order to offer the medical and pharmaceutical service providers a unique integrated services possible to their community enhancing medical and pharmaceutical sectors with futuristic advanced brands, domestically and at the level of the Arab Gulf countries.

We, in Unicbrandz will focus our attention on diversifying the sources of health and cosmetic care in the next five years to serve all age groups of society among largest possible geographical area.

Our Core Values


• Professionalism.

• Creativity.

• Trust.

• Customer satisfaction.

• Focusing on our client's advices.

• Believe in our mission.

• Supporting leader to achieve vision.


• Respecting the time frames.

• Excellent financial outcomes.

• Continues progress.

• Patient safety.

• Medical care provider development.

• Fined the best solution for any medical problems.

Our Profile

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