A healthy alternative for traditional chemical rich keratin treatments done at the salon, in a at-home format. Formaldehyde free - no nasty chemicals - no side effects Only requires one easy application and the hair will be transformed into super silky and smooth Results last up to 3 months The treatment reconstructs, hydrates and strengthens the damaged and dry hair
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Category: Hair Care


Unlike traditional salon treatments, our treatment is 100% formaldehyde free. When we started developing our smoothing treatment we were motivated in finding not only a more convenient and affordable option but also an option which will not compromise our health and still be effective.

As a result 95% of the ingredients are natural and the rest is a blend of gentle acids that opens the hair strands and give the user a time window in which the hair strands can be shaped. At the same time, it also treats the fibres of the hair with conditioning agents that provide softness and shine to the hair. The result is a fantastic smooth hair with natural appearance.

So while the main ingredients are natural there are some gentle acids that allow the hair strands to open so that the natural ingredients can be absorbed. Unlike formaldehyde the acids in our treatment are not unhealthy and create no sideeffects whatsoever.

The natural ingredients include: Cashew nuts, Guarana, Balsamic vinegar, Cocunuts, Brazil nuts, Grapes, Tamarinds, Coffee beans etc The acids are: Glyoxylic Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, Propylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol



Don’t wash your hair for at least 48 hours. Washing your hair too soon will shorten the effect of the treatment. In order to maintain the effect of the treatment use sulfate-free hair products. The shampoo and conditioner included in the kit are both sulfate and paraben-free and are formulated to prolong treatment’s effect.

To activate the treatment’s effect blow dry your hair with hot air after each hair wash. To maintain the effect repeat the treatment after two months.


1. Start applying the treatment on clean and dry hair. Before spraying in the treatment make sure to section you hair. Use a hair tie or a clip. Spray in the treatment holding the spray nozzle close to your hair. Once the first section is fully saturated with the solution, open your hair and section again. Repeat this till your hair is fully saturated.

2. Spray in a generous amount of solution. This is VITAL. For long or thick hair this means spraying in the entire bottle. Your hair should be fully wet after spraying. Comb through and let act for an hour - not less.

3. After an hour rinse thoroughly with ONLY water. Make sure not to leave in any of the solution.

4. Blow dry your hair. Until completely dry

5. Straighten your hair carefully. This is the most important part so don't rush. Set your iron to 220°C. Section your hair with a hair tie or clip. Use the comb to align the hair as illustrated. Go over very tiny sections 8-10 times with the iron. Repeat until your hair is entirely straight.



Smooth and shiny hair that doesn’t require any styling for up to 3 months Hair dries perfectly frizzy free after each wash Cuts blow-dry time in half Save time and money - salon price up to 400 No nasty chemicals - no side-effects

Save Money

Salons charge for such treatments up to $400

Save Time

No need to find suitable time for hairdresser appointment

Save Health

O’wow treatment’s effect is based on natural ingredients and is 100% formaldehyde-free